10 reasons why you need to dump the older version of MS Office

Are you a frequent MS Office user making light use of basic features? You must be aware of the new change in its latest version. If not, then you are missing a major hit. Even old-school powers with a well-known way of working, you might agree that Office features change due to updates. Therefore, if you are an old MS Office user then it is time to dump the old version. Below are some reasons to dump your old MS Office:

10 to dump the old MS Office version

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  • One-click access for MS Word- If you do not like to type the same thing repeatedly then this is for you. With MS Word 2019, you will get the facility to add Auto Text to your Quick Parts Gallery. For this, you need to type your proprietary statement, your address or any other boilerplate. You will then have MS Word in your device; with the help of one click, you can bring it into your document.
  • Built-in photo editing- Use of images in your PowerPoint or Word document doesn’t mean that you have to fix the image first in your photo editing software, then bring it into your workplace file. Edit your image on the spot, as well as add some fun creative effects. You will get different types of effective options to choose from them.
  • Away from rules- One of the MS Office product Outlook 2019 introduced some quick Steps that allows you to go far from the standard mail processing rules with just a few clicks to create. This feature can dramatically decrease the time you fuss over processing your mail.
  • Simple styling- Using old styles of the earlier versions of Word that often meant time wasted in performing the settings and additional steps to change the appearance of a style. Currently, you will sneak peek the old design as before you click, add new designs and modify existing designs among seconds.
  • Easy to read spreadsheets- Cell designs are right on the MS Excel 2019 Home tab, therefore you can build your data much easier on the eyes with a click of one of the offered designs.
  • A built-in Acrobat ribbon PDF converter- MS Word has a build- in PDF converter known as Acrobat ribbon. With the help of Acrobat ribbon, any of the MS Office files like Excel, Word, and ppt can be converted into PDF easily.
  • More options to know- The File tab in workplace 2019/365 are redesigned to obviously see your choices on several tasks like printing and saving. You need to pin frequently the used documents so that they do not drop out off the recent list.
  • A layout that produces sense- obtaining accustomed to the Ribbon could be awkward initially, however with correct coaching, you’ll see why it’s far more logical and intuitive then you’re having to remember your recent workplace toolbar commands. In addition, with 2019/365 you can currently customize the Ribbon.
  • You can do tasks at just one click- The Quick Access toolbar present above the ribbon allows you to pin the common tasks in order to get your work done quickly. Create your own buttons for a task and use it repeatedly.
  • Clean up the cluster- Tracking and cleaning up the conversations in MS Outlook. All rear and forth emails on one-subject gets collected at a spot and might be cleaned up in a single click of the button.

These are the reasons to dump your old Microsoft Office with the time. Talking about the latest version, Microsoft Office 2019, you explore new charts, editing tools, tilt effects, ink replay, and much more to represent your creativity in a better way.

For business users, MS Excel has introduced new formulas and data analysis system for improved experience.

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