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MS Office has played a key role in automating the office work infrastructure with products and services that brought a revolutionary change in the digital wing of businesses. With an ever-growing need of smart technologies in business sector, MS office products have a bright future ahead in the competition. You can get the whole Suite by entering on the search bar. To start the Microsoft Office Setup to the device the users need to purchase and download the Microsoft Office either through official website "" (online mode) or through retail stores (offline mode). After downloading the Office Setup, the users need to install and activate the product to the device, using the valid Office Product Key. We have provided the easiest steps to download, install, and activate the Office setup here (Please note that these steps may vary depending on the version of the Microsoft Office as well as the operating system installed on your device.

Here are some of the novel features of Office 2019

  • Add Visual Impact: Insert Scalable Vector to embellish your documents, presentations and worksheets.
  • Break the Language Barrier: Translate Sentences, phrases, syntax, styles, words, to another language by using the Microsoft Translator.
  • LaTeX Equation Support: Linear Format Equations using Unicode Math and LaTeX Syntax in Word.
  • Inking Tools: To add ink annotations, converting inks to shapes, emphasize text and more.
  • Add Morph Transition in PowerPoint: The Morph transition allows users to create and animate objects without having to create complex animated structures.
  • ZOOM: Skip slides and revisit slides you want without interrupting the course of presentation.
  • Digital Pen: Run a presentation by using your digital pen as a slideshow clicker.

Ease-to-use features

  • Visualize your data with new chart
  • Advanced Presentation features
  • More Powerful data analysis
  • Easier email Management
  • Large number (bigint) data type
  • Easy link tasks
  • Task progress at a glance
  • Bring ideas to life
  • Kick-start your diagrams
  • Helpful sounds improve accessibility
Some unique features of Office 365  
  • Real-time co-authoring
  • Simplified document Sharing
  • Share big files using OneDrive
  • Document versioning
  • Smart Lookup
  • New Chart Types
  • Skype integration
  • Excellent cross-device support

List of MS Office products

There is an Office suite for everyone that ranges from home to business, desktop to web and devices in between. MS Office enables you to plan, create and deliver your best work. Here is a list of Office products for all your professional needs.
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Project
  • MS OneDrive
  • MS OneNote
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Teams
  • MS Visio
  • Skype for Business Server

How to get the Office Setup to the device?

In order to get the Office Setup to the device, the users need to perform a set of four interrelated procedures that includes the following processes listed below:
  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate
Thus, follow the stepwise procedures mentioned below for getting the Office Setup to the device:


Firstly, the users need to purchase the Office Setup either over the internet connection or through the nearby retail stores. For purchasing the Office Setup over the internet or through official website of Microsoft Office i.e., the users require a proper internet connection (wired connection is more preferred). The other mode to purchase the Office Setup is the offline mode, the users need to visit the nearby retail store and then, purchase the Office setup offline pack. Thus, the steps to download the Office setup to the device are as follows: office-com-setup
  1. Firstly, access the official website of Microsoft Office i.e. using the web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox being installed to the device.
  2. Now, from the home page of, select the “Shop Office Products” option.
  3. Navigate the Office product page for the Microsoft Office version that the user want to install on their device.
  4. Select the desired Office product and then, go through the product description, to make sure that the selected Office is compatible with the users’ system.
  5. Once the users get ensured regarding the compatibility of the Microsoft Office, click the “Buy Now & Download” button displayed just below the Office product name.
  6. After this, sign in to the Office Account to make the payment of the selected Office Setup by utilizing any of the payment modes like Credit /Debit Card or PayPal listed on the Payment page of the
  7. On completing the payment process, an email from the tech giant, Microsoft will be received to the users’ email address that has been registered at the time of online purchase of Microsoft Office.
  8. This received email contains the download link of the Microsoft Office via . Either, click the download link within the email or copy it to the new tab of the web browser.
  9. The users may change the location for downloading the Office Setup or .exe file, when prompted. Else, the Office Setup will be downloaded to the default location of the device i.e. the “Downloads” folder.


The Office Install refers to the process of making the device ready for the proper execution as well as functioning of purchased Microsoft Office on it. For completing the process of Office install, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. For initializing the Office install, the users need to locate the Office Setup file or the .exe file. Thus, choose any of the method listed below, for locating the Office Setup to the device:
    • Locate the Office Setup file within the “Downloads” folder or the location where the setup has been downloaded through online purchase.
    • Insert the Office Setup Offline CD pack to the CD /DVD drive of the system and then, explore it.
  2. Now, select the Office Setup file, by right clicking on it.
  3. And then, select the “Install” option from the context menu.
  4. After this, click the “Run” or “Yes” button as per the version of the operating system being installed on the device.
  5. Thus, the process of Office install will get initialed on the device.
  6. The Office install will take a few minutes so; wait till the process gets completed.


For the process of Office Activate, the users require a 25-character alpha numeric key named as the Office Product Key. This Office Product Key could be redeemed either through the order confirmation email after online purchase of the Office Setup or through the inner circles of the Office Setup offline CD pack. Thus, follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Office Activate:
    • Launch any of the applications included within the purchased Office Setup.
    • And then, click the “Activate Now” button.
    • After this, enter the Office Product Key within the space offered to the users.
    • At last, tap the “Activate” button.
    • Thus, the Office Setup gets activated to the device.
To summarize MS Office is a collection of applications and products that remains the most favorite software package in the world until this day. If you subscribe the package, you will have plenty of options to create a remarkable work. Alternatively, you can download a 30 days free trial version of Office setup to experience the power of MS Applications.

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