How to make productive use of Voice command feature in OneDrive?

If you are an Office user, then you must be aware of the Voice command feature that makes it a show stopper in the field of technology. Office brings so many tools to make your work journey easy in a tiring work environment. Making use of voice commands help reduce the usage of energy as compared to typing and searching for desired files or solutions.

While using Office products, like OneDrive, OneNote, Word, etc. you can try powerful tips, tutorials, templates, and commands to work on your Office files. The only thing you need is to update your tools so that you can create dynamic project plans, team calendars on the go.

Steps to activate the voice recognition feature on your device

The voice commands setting is turned on for certain devices, if it is not turned on, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to your OneDrive app location and tap open it.
  2. In the app select “Menu”.
  3. Open its “Setting” option.
  4. Under the “Settings” option, switch on the “Voice commands”.
  5. Select “OK” when OneDrive prompts to access the microphone.

This simple method will let you gain accessibility to voice commands features.

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Give life to your voice

The voice command supports various languages including- Australian English, Canadian English, Indian English, Italian, Polski, Svenska, and many more. Below are some commands in English that can be used in order to meet your needs:

Navigation commands

  • To open a menu, say “menu/ open menu/ show menu”, these commands will automatically redirect you to the menu.
  • To close a menu when not in use, say “close/ close menu”.
  • To open the properties pane to use its details, say “details/ show details/ open details”.
  • To open the search pane, say “search”.
  • To go through the selection mode for setting up the app, say “selection mode/ enter selection mode”.
  • To see the entire files folder, say “all files/ go to all files/ navigate to all files”.
  • To have a look at the photos, say “photos/ go to photos/ navigate to photos”.
  • To review recent documents, say “recent documents/ go to recent documents/ navigate to recent documents”.
  • To navigate to shared files, say “shared pivot/ go to shared/ navigate to shared”.
  • To view files stored in the recycle bin, say “recycle bin/ go to recycle bin/ navigate to recycle bin”.
  • To have a look at files available on SharePoint sites, say “sites/ go to sites/ navigate to sites”.
  • To go through the progress page, say “progress page/ go to progress page”.

There are many other commands that can be used in order to directly navigate to a specific page, file or folder.

Action commands

  • In order to create an album, say “new album/ create album/ create new album”.
  • To create a new folder on your device, say “new folder/ create folder/ create new folders”.
  • To refresh a certain page, say “refresh/ refresh page”.
  • To remove or delete the selected items, say “delete”.
  • To upload a file or a folder, say “upload”.
  • To pin the selected files to start, say “pin to start”.

These commands will help you a lot to expand your Office skills.


You can now use your voice in order to work your ways through your files and folders in OneDrive app. With Office tools and its updated features, you can give wings to your creative power. Although the number of voice commands which you can employ is limited, Office is no way behind to add more voice recognition commands in the future.

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