Google Drive is to part itself from Google Photos for usability

To simplify the complex and confusing auto-synchronization between its Photos and Drive, Google has taken a decision to end the integration between the two. According to Google, the integration between these two services is confusing its users. So, the company is taking an initiative to make some meaningful and simple changes to give users a better working experience across Drive and Photos.

Google’s perspective on Simple Integration

The simple integration between Drive and Photos will ease the task to manage your Photos and videos. Your photos and videos on the gallery, which you add to Drive will not appear in your Google photos and vice-versa. Moreover, the file deletions will not happen between the two.

This has also helped to prevent accidental deletion of items across the files. Unlike the complicated integration system, the simple synchronization has also provided the opportunity to manage your photos and videos efficiently.

With Simple integration system, Google is enabling its users to copy Photos or videos from Drive to Google Photos with a new option to ‘upload Photos from Drive’ whereas, in complex integration, you have the access to two versions of the same file. This has created an issue when it comes to your cloud storage as the file with original quality will leave less or no sufficient space for other files.

Google’s ‘Backup and Sync’ options

In case, you still want the contents of your file in both the places, the best way is to use Google’s Backup and Sync applications available for Windows and Mac devices. Whether the items are uploaded by using Backup or Sync options, the simple integration will allow you to save the original quality of photos and videos which will be counted only for once.

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Google explains that nothing will be automatically synced and deleted when they will shift from complex to simple integration system. All your valuable photos, videos, and files which you have uploaded before the changes will be saved in Google Photos. If you are having a Google Photos folder in your Drive, then the folder will remain unchanged and will no longer update or sync automatically.

Will this change benefit the users?

The change is for good, but this shift can create inconvenience for some users. Let’s suppose, you like to retain a physical backup of your Google Photos through synced Google Drive folder, you cannot opt for this option now and might create trouble for those who have elaborate workflows and want to access their files from the various synced platforms.

By summing up:-

Google has always taken initiatives to build structured and well-defined platforms to ease our work. However, working on the same files and folders that are synced to Google Drive and Photos can be hectic as it eats up your storage space and you will get the same file in different locations. To eradicate this annoying situation, Google is striving hard by ending up the complex integration between Google Drive and Google Photos.

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