Enhance your editing skills with G Suite for Office files

G Suite users have been blessed with easily accessible feature for Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets or presentation slides. With this feature, you can convert files to the corresponding docs, sheets and slides formats when you upload the respective office files to Google Drive. The prominent feature also allows you to edit the documents, sheets and slides extension which is then added to Chrome. Remember, in any case, you will get two files, one in the Office format (original) and the other in Google Drive format.

Recently, Google has launched a feature wherein you can open and edit the Office files in Google file format. Moreover, this doesn’t require the Office file to be converted. For the organizations, which are using G Suite, this feature will benefit them, as there will be a reduction in the number of Microsoft Office license needed. This feature will also help the organization to step up from Office to G Suite.

How can you bring efficiency in editing Office files in Google format?

  1.   Editing Office files on any device: – Any browser that allows you to edit your files will also help you in editing the files with Office format. Editing of Microsoft Office files will work on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Windows Edge and Safari as well. Office file editing also works in Office applications running on your Android and iOS phones.
  2.    Opening advance Office file formats:- You can open and edit both advance Office file formats which includes .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats and old  file formats such as .doc, .ppt and .xls. Moreover, files and documents which are created in old Office versions will be updated and saved in the new format.
  3.    Restoring and preserving the original Office files: – This happens quite often that you are not able to view or edit content in the documents, sheets or slides. In this case, the device will preserve the content and then allow you to edit the portions of the specific file. While doing editing, if your content gets deleted, the system will notify you in advance. Moreover, you can restore the unedited files by clicking on “File| Version History”.
  4.    If editing doesn’t work in Office docs, sheets or slides: – For this, you have to disable the Office Editing for documents, sheets and slides extension from Chrome, before you use the advance Office editing features.

Note: – To disable the Office Editing extension, click on More menu option> More tools> Extensions> Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slide extensions> click on ‘Remove’ option.

Summing up:-

You can test the Office editing features; you can open Office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Chrome book, iPhone, Android, Pixel or any other device. You can try and open any Microsoft file on any device but with advance, G Suite features you can edit, and transport any files and document. If your organization uses G Suite, then it will be a transformative experience from accessing and editing files in Office to G Suite.

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