How to use hands-free typing in Microsoft Office apps?

Microsoft Office always comes with new and better features for its users. The productivity setup that not only eases professionals but also students to be more creative has already introduced free-hand typing features to it. Yet, not everybody is aware of the fact that now they can type without actually typing.

If you are an Office 365 user and have an active access to your account, free-hand typing feature is available for you. In addition, this is an exclusive feature for Windows 10 users. With Microsoft’s hands-free typing feature, you don’t type, you talk. Get a microphone and allow it to track your words, you the application can type whatever you say.

How to use hands-free typing in Microsoft Office apps:

  • Connect a Microphone
  • Click Dictate
  • Enjoy free-hands typing in Office Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or OneNote for Windows 10

Certainly, a few changes will be required to get your hands on this facility. You will need an add-in to your MS Office app. To know how to add and use dictate add-in for Office, the following steps will guide you in a simple manner.

Add Dictate add-in in Office

  • Firstly, you need to identify the version of Office setup you are using
  • Open an app, Office Word for example
  • From the ribbon menu, select Dictation tab
  • Click on the Start button under mice icon
  • Press manual punctuation and enjoy typing while you speak

At some extant, this feature is good for English speakers, but the question arises for those who are not. Does this feature render translation feature as well?

The answer is yes. Translation is probably the second best attribute with Dictate. The ability of language translation in real-time is what makes it more interesting. Now, if you need to prepare a presentation or a document in another language, you only need to click on the dropdown menu alongside the manual punctuation option.

As the dropdown expands, select the language you want your speech to translate into, and that’s it.

With attention to these

Although Dictate may show some inaccuracies at times, it can be used for initial typings in such cases. In addition, because it is not available in all the Microsoft Office apps, users will still need to give the Microsoft Garage team honor for an innovative plan.

On a record of users who worked on this for a short time testing and real-time translation, the conclusion came out to be quite positive. Even when you compose a message while playing music in the background, the add-in responds adequately.

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